The Whitlock Management Team
Partnering with our team of professionals will increase your efficiency, your productivity and most of all, your profit.

The Whitlock Management Team

Every member of our management team is characterized by experience, professionalism, hard work and innovative thinking. Starting with our chairman Jerry Whitlock and continuing throughout our entire group, we are the best in the business at what we do.
Jerry Whitlock, founder and chairman of the board. He has served as an industry advisory board member of Strategic Food Capital Partners, L.D., a private equity firm dedicated exclusively to the food industry and as an ambassador to East Asia as a member of the American People Ambassador Program founded by Dwight D. Eisenhower. He was also ambassador to Russia representing the People to People Food Packaging Technology Delegation.

Mr. David Moller, Chief Executive Officer, has 26 years of executive experience. David is responsible for developing and implementing corporate strategy. Strategies included rationalization of unprofitable assets and customers, reducing plant and corporate overhead, and securing long term commitments with customers to drive growth. David generated sales and earnings growth by mutually developing targeted acquisition opportunities with strategic customers. He has significant C-level experience in business development, manufacturing & supply chain management, contract negotiations, price strategies, risk management, organizational development, project management, and new technology platforms.

Bill Towler, VP SALES, is a seasoned Sales Executive with over twenty-four years of developing sales and marketing strategies. He has developed and implemented our successful sales and marketing strategies designed to enhance and grow sales opportunities in the branded beverage market. He is responsible for all of the Whitlock branded products including Juice Bowl and JBs Teas.

Keith Bishop,VP CORPORATE CONTROLLER, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over twenty-four years of experience in accounting, finance and treasury functions. He is responsible for corporate financial and accounting functions within corporate and our Oklahoma, New Jersey and Florida manufacturing facilities. He is responsible for the financial reporting to senior management and outside sources (lenders, auditing firms, etc.). He is also responsible for the treasury functions.

Ted Smith, VP HUMAN RESOURCES, is an experienced Human Resource Executive with over thirty years of experience in Human Resource Management, Organization Development and Design, Change Management, Leadership and Training Development. All of his experience is within various manufacturing environments including; beverage, aluminum cans, paper, oil field tubing and casing and automotive. Consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies.

Michael Guidry, VP BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, is a seasoned Business Development executive with twenty years of experience. His diverse experience includes international food, dairy and beverage manufacturing with a strong focus in strategy, supply chain, marketing and business development. He also has a manufacturing background in products, packaging systems, and processing equipment. He is skilled in strategic planning, business development and marketing. He has senior management experience with, Domino Amjet, Inc., Tetra Pak, S.A., Custom Metalcraft and Paul Mueller Company. Michael has an MBA with a focus in Marketing and a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering.