The Company
Whitlock Packaging is the Nation's leading contract manufacturer of non-carbonated beverages and energy drinks.

The Company

The World of Whitlock Packaging is one of quality and innovation, people and success, all built on a spirit of independence and pride. Our key to success is providing the highest quality at the lowest cost.

What We Do

Whitlock is a highly diversified packaging company specializing in the production of non-carbonated beverages. We simplify manufacturing for branded beverage companies.


Whitlock accomplishes its mission by producing innovative products for its customers while maintaining the highest quality, delivering to our customers complete and on time and at a fair and competitive price.


Every member of our management team is characterized by experience, professionalism, hard work and innovative thinking. Starting with our chairman Jerry Whitlock and continuing throughout our entire group, we are the best in the business at what we do.


We are an organization that cares deeply about the communities we inhabit. We believe that part of being a superior company is committing ourselves to making the world a better place.


In its nearly three decades of existence, Whitlock Packaging has grown from a one-line canning operation to a highly diversified manufacturing company with millions of square feet of factory space in three states.

The Future

In an industry with constantly evolving needs, Whitlock Packaging is always looking ahead, always striving to increase our efficiency and the value of our services. All the while, we maintain our commitment to our people, our clients and the quality of our product throughout this change.