History of Whitlock Packaging

The Whitlock commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction has enabled the growth of a single line to an enterprise rivaling production levels of the world’s leading companies.

  • 1980 – Entered into partnership as Central Oklahoma Foods and acquired Haskell Foods. Haskell, a contract packaging company, operated a single 46-ounce steel can line packaging various fruit drinks for a single customer.
  • 1984 – Moved production facilities to Fort Gibson, Oklahoma - providing a 200,000 sq ft production and 281,000 sq ft warehouse facility.
  • 1987 – Incorporated as Whitlock Packaging Corporation. Obtained full ownership of Central Oklahoma Foods. Moved to Fort Gibson Oklahoma and diversified into multiple packaging lines, customers, and flavors.
  • 1996 – Opened production facilities in Wharton, New Jersey with a 260,000 sq. ft production and 225,000 sq ft warehouse facility.
  • 2001 – October 8 – Donated 10 acres to Fort Gibson, Oklahoma to create a girls softball complex including four softball fields, parking, bleachers, concession, restroom facilities, and maintenance building.
  • 2001 – Donated a 10,000 square foot residential property to a local charity, Women In Safe Homes (WISH). The Whitlock Wishouse, provides shelter to abused women and children from five area counties. The Wish House operates as a Bed and Breakfast with proceeds going to the Women in Safe Housing. Find out more about the WISH House and reserve your stay
  • 2004 – Acquired Juice Bowl Products, Inc., located in Lakeland, Florida. The newly acquired company is a hot fill contract manufacturer as well as a juice processing and storage/filling facility. In addition to the contract manufacturing and juice processing, the company also marketed a brand called Juice Bowl, a line of 100% juice products fortified with Vitamin C and Calcium in a variety of great tasting flavors with no sugar added. The brand was launched in the US market in 1967.
  • 2014– Official opening of the Whitlock Sports Facility in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma - More Information
  • 2016– $12 million investment in the Fort Gibson, Oklahoma manufacturing plant expands production capacity and adds 43 jobs. - More Information
  • 2016– Whitlock is acquired by Refresco The shareholders of Whitlock Packaging and Refresco have completed the previously announced acquisition of Whitlock Packaging by Refresco. As of September 8, 2016 our company has become a part of Refresco Group. Should you wish more information in detail, please consult: www.refresco.com