About Whitlock Packaging

In its nearly four decades of existence, Whitlock Packaging has grown from a one-line canning operation to a highly diversified manufacturing company with millions of square feet of factory space in three states and whose hot-fill and aseptic carton capacities is one of the largest in the North American marketplace.

Along with several other investors, Jerry Whitlock acquired Haskell Foods in 1980. By 1987 Mr. Whitlock had acquired all of the shares and began, through his vision and direction, expanding a small one-line canning operation into an impressively diversified production powerhouse serving several regions in the U.S..

Whitlock Packaging Corporation has earned our place in the industry through our spirit of optimism, progressive thinking, and the vision of our top management - all carried out by extremely dedicated employees.

Many things have changed since 1980, but our basic principles have remained the same: a fierce commitment to the highest quality product while striving to meet every need of our customers.